As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

Liberty Groups are small groups of about 10 people that meet around one a week during the Spring and Fall. These groups, usually meeting in people's houses or off-site, are a great opportunity for those who are looking to meet more people in the church, but on a smaller scale than a Sunday morning. They have the energy of a Sunday morning, but bite-sized! The early church met frequently and broke bread together - and so do we!

Liberty Groups technically run all year. Twice a year we have seasons where we highlight them a little bit extra and meet on Wednesday nights, (Spring and Fall). However, all of our groups meet together in some form all year long in a way that fits the unique dynamic for them all!

Each Group has it's own unique location and it's own unique vision. Some are heavier on scripture studies, some on personal spiritual growth, some relational and so forth. Below, you'll find a listing of the groups we currently have. We limit each group to just ten people each for sign up. This is intentional so that we can create a group that truly supports one another.  When we fill up, that just means it is time to launch a brand new group! We are big fans of discipleship, fellowship, and community here at Liberty Church.  

We can't wait to do a deeper dive with you and see what God has in store for us! Here are our current groups:
1. Mike & Heather Helm
2. Tom & Libba Hines
3. John & Melinda McElroy
4. Eric & Kim Finch
5. Chris & Sharon Doerr
6. Mark & Colleen Francis
7. Joya Barnett & Heather Sullivan
8. John & Anna Beth Hollis
9. Josh & Mary Joe Kaiser
10. Choose to work with Kids!
Group members of the Francis Group pose for a photo with the family dog.
Small group photo of the Larson Group.